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Fantastic 2018 Friesian's For Sale

Are you looking for kind temperaments and amazing natural movement?

Why not meet the horse of your dreams and experience the Friesian Sport Horse.

They are a friend and companion to their owners.

By crossing with other breeds it opens the doors to excel in many more disciplines which allows us to create a superior performance horse.


We are more than happy to help with payment plans but remember

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Roan Gelding Born 8-1-18

Outstanding 75% Friesian Filly

Super nice type.

Well put together with a lovely nature.

75% Friesian

This filly is absolutely stunning!

So impressed with this cross.

Born 16-10-18


Please read and note.

Veterinary inspections are most welcome and recommended but will be at your own expense.

Payment Plans are available to approved purchasers only.

A minimum 25% Non-Refundable deposit is required to secure the horse of your choice.

Payments are also Non Refundable if you default on a payment, ‘change your mind’ or do not pay for the horse by the due date.

Horse's on longer Payment plans will also incur feed/agistment/farrier/worming cost due to the upkeep of the horse while it is being paid off.

Insurance is recommended during payment period.

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