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Gidgee Foxfire

Gidgee Foxfire is a jet black, pure Friesian stallion. Gidgee Foxfire has

spectacular looks and movement, which makes him look magic but the true magic is

his gentle and affectionate temperament and nature. There is no sweeter-natured

breed than the Friesian.

This elegant stallion is sired by the world renound Friesian stallion Iepe TJ who has

competed successfully in Open and Friesian competitions both in hand and under

saddle. Winning Champion Friesian on many occasions, and at one large show

winning Champion Warmblood up against a good field of various breeds of


Gidgee is one magnificent stallion.

Gidgee Foxfire will be standing to a limited number of outside mares this season.

If you have any questions regarding Gidgee or any of our other horses

please feel free to Contact Us

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